As parents do for their future baby, when they look for a name that identifies and individualizes him, the new town-centre of Echirolles was then in full gestation, but the inhabitants were not really involved.

At the request of the town-planners, Laboratoire offered residents, either individually or collectively, to invent a name for a street of the future town-centre

Under the form of false enamelled street signs, postcards were sent throughout the town. The residents were invited to send the cards back, after inventing a name – on the model of the ancient streets where one can find a track of the daily life: Beggars street, Blue Cedar Square…

Everyone was free to imagine a new word or to find an obsolete name. By participating to the baptizing of the streets, each resident appropriated and identified the town.

Amongst the numerous answers, seventy proposals have been chosen to be reproduced on enamel, then set in the streets of the town-centre.