• multitudes philosophical artistic political review, publishes this spring 2022 its number 86 entitled The territory, a political affair
  • Territory! The word flaps like a flag, it is adored or suspected. What about this political object? This issue attempts to objectify it, to extract it from categorisations to show its diversity, its interdependencies, its historical depth, its resources. “The spirit of the place” inspires the artist, defines the environments to be preserved, permeates our affects. We all experience “the appalling sweetness of belonging”.
  • In response to this invitation, Philippe Mouillon develops in this issue the idea that the work of the place is simply the work of a smuggler who facilitates resurgences of time and their social acclimatization:

“The poet, the artist, the gardener or the architect (and so many others, inhabited by deep times) can work on a place by carefully assembling a certain quality of air, lights, prevailing winds, by dosing the mineralities, by synchronizing the encounter between individuals, an era, temporalities and the entanglement of terrestrial ecosystems… in order to crystallize a mood, an impalpable atmosphere, a particular intensity that carries us and invites us to live.

From one site to another, but also from one era to another of human societies, from one stage to another of our own existence, places form the matrix of our sensitivity and our behavior. They are places rather than nothing in that they soothe us, console us, consolidate us, bring us together, connect us, grow us. They are part of a break with the simplified uniform of territorial abstraction to open in us a decanted present of the moment, where presences and absences remain, endlessly intertwined”.