Fixed landscapes do not exist. The sedentary and the definitive are only optical illusions, deficits of perception or interpretation. Everything in the landscape moves, pitch, boat, jostles, migrates and moves …. This infinite tangle of dynamics is experienced over 128 pages by many artists and authors from multiple disciplines who invite you to approach the landscape as a valuable resource to learn to live with magnitude.

Contributed to this issue : Anne-Laure Amilhat-Szari, Maryvonne Arnaud, Cécile Beau, Daniel Bougnoux, Philippe Bourdeau, Laure Brayet, Anne Cayol-Gerin, Philippe Choler, Laurence Després, Caroline Duchatelet, Gisèle Durand, Sandrine Expilly, Alain Faure, Eve Feugier, Christoph Fink, Éléonor Gilbert, Lucie Goujard, Julien Grasset, Catherine Hänni, Nicolas Hubert, Nicolas Lanier, Francis Limérat, Jacques Lin, Jeanine Elisa Médélice, Sarah Mekdjian, Chloé Moglia, Guillaume Monsaingeon, Philippe Mouillon, Stéphanie Nelson, Fabrice Pappalardo, Aymeric Perroy, Dominique Pety, Hélène Piguet, David Poullard, Isabelle Raquin, Claire Revol, Olivier de Sépibus, Anne Sgard,  Jeff Thiébaut, Henry Torgue, Martin Vanier.

Original texts of : Maryvonne Arnaud, Daniel Bougnoux, Laure Brayet, Anne Cayol-Gerin, Lucie Goujard, Nicolas Lanier, Jeanine Elisa Médélice, Guillaume Monsaingeon, Philippe Mouillon, Aymeric Perroy, Dominique Pety, Isabelle Raquin, Claire Revol, Olivier de Sépibus, Jeff Thiébaut, Martin Vanier;

Original images of : Maryvonne Arnaud, Éric Bourret, Caroline Duchatelet, Sandrine Expilly, Éléonor Gilbert, Stéphanie Nelson, Mathias Poisson, Isabelle Raquin, Olivier de Sépibus.

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