World-workshop tries to initiate a process of inquiry interfacing with the public, as a loop that asks, as an incubation device intended to rebuild the life of the city. This back and forth between the concrete and daily experience of each one – located here, and experiences of a multitude of authors – scattered around the world, renew the public space by snatching it from the rigidities inherited from the usual to unfold other coherences.


The circle of writers associated from the beginning to the world-workshop: artists Maryvonne Arnaud and Philippe Mouillon, sociologists Yves Chalas et Henry Torgue, philosophers Daniel Bougnoux et Yves Citton, clearly stated this postulate inviting living authors in the Rhone-Alpes region such as Jean-Pierre Chambon, Olivier Frérot, Luc Gwiazdzinski, Bernard Fort, Xavier Garcia, and confronting them to others, scattered throughout the world, such Bruno Latour, Stefano Boeri, Janek Sowa, François Ascher, Abdelwahab Meddeb, Osamu Nishitani, Patrick Chamoiseau, Bernard Stiegler, Augustin Berque, Thanh Nghiem, Aude Merlin,…


World-Workshop sets the aesthetic representations at the heart of exchange. Each workshop is open and relies on images, movies, sound fragments, many clues of the world that stimulate and provoke thought, but that also and especially help to preserve an intellectual exchange accessible to ordinary citizens, who is more intuitive and open to the intimate experience.


This device attempts to make visible the unthought of the time, the fragilities of representations and dominant interpretations of a real that escapes and is never where one looks for, or as expected.