local.contemporary 08
80 pages / 15 €
ISBN 978-2-36744-072-9 / legal deposit November 2014

Texts by Maryvonne Arnaud, Miguel Aubouy, Daniel Bougnoux, Yves Citton, Michel Duport, Alain Faure, Antoine de Galbert, Jean Guibal, Patrice Meyer-Bisch, Philippe Mouillon, Henry Torgue, Guy Tosatto.


How do you best express your inner self, that is to say, make public what you know intuitively and feel deeply inside, so that someone else can seize it for his own self-enlightenment?

You are unsettled by this interweaving of a thousand little threads of knowledge that you had half forgotten, of a mix of flavours, of feelings apparently dormant or ill-defined. This, however, is precisely what does define a public space in the most political sense of the words. It’s at the crossroads, the point at which these harmonise, where we come alive in this world, where we define each other.

Sharing our most personal passions, as a Collection of Collections suggests, is to adjust the universally felt financial value by remembering our own value criteria, the incalculable value of the things we’ve loved in life.