« fragile-workshop » is a networked collaborative process at an European scale, which aims to enrich the observation by associating different points of views from artists and philosophers scattered throughout Europe.


« fragile-workshop » doesn’t propose a research nor a classical exhibition, but a hybrid object opening on new horizons, reversing points of views and producing fulgurances through the association of heterogeneous elements. It aims to build a new form, close to hypertext, offering many different input levels, in order to obtain new elements of representation of society’s current mutation.


After a first workshop organized at the Ecole Sciences-politiques in Paris at the initiative of Bruno Latour, the exhibition in Cologne, at the invitation of plan-07, is the first public representation of « fragile-workshop ».


Behind the banal daily constat of the social precariousness, « fragile-workshop » attempts to spot the dynamics that more discreetly, weaken areas of existence until now preserved. Out of the un-binding of recognized and identified stable forms of time and space breached open by social insecurity, seems to radiate a force of aesthetic desecurization which overtly weakens our representations of the world.



Contemporary & local

« local.contemporain » is a centre of research and original artistic initiatives around contemporary urban territories, an enterprise to renew our look, with a particular care for emerging forms and experiences.

« local.contemporain » examines, in the usual local habits , the innovative particularities or the ones that resist to the global mutations of our societies.

This strategy of hyper-localised questioning is developed with a particular care for the global scale of mutations and for the abundant complexity of the involved temporalities. That is why artists and researchers coming from all over the world are associated to this initiative, looking for numerous urban tools to think about this territory.

We publish an 80-page review distributed in bookstores by Harmonia-Mundi.

Nine issues are published to date: 01> you are here focused on the contemporary realities of ordinary urban forms, 02> It’s Sunday! devoted to the analysis of free time in a so-called “leisure” society, 03> invisible city analyzes sensitive urban forms, those which escape the domination of the eye but structure our perceptions, 04> the precarious, contemporary questions, on the precariousness of our lives as a new dominant form, 05> Crowds centered on the experience of the crowd, alternately worrying or intelligent, 06> Points of reference, around the feeling of disorientation of a growing share of the population , 07> a world of its own or how each one builds its own landmarks in a globalized horizon, 08> collection of collections about the place of privacy in the public space,  09> singular landscapes, pluralistic landscape to approach the Landscape as a resource within reach of all, and live with scope.

> We produce interventions of urban scales in the real space of the city, in order to shape these representations for the man of the street. They invite the participation of hundreds of contributors.

Thus It is Sunday, a random collection of photographs:

> We develop pedagogical tools for teachers from kindergarten to university.

Thus cartographic games:

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