Better perceive and share the world to which we belong. This is the meaning of PAYSAGE> PAYSAGES, an attractor of initiatives developed on the 7,431 km2 of the department of Isère during the three months of a season, here in autumn 2016, then amplified by slipping a season to the other until the summer of 2020. The landscapes weave the close neighborhood and the horizon, circulating otherness in the local and intimacy in the distance.

Original texts by : Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary, Maryvonne Arnaud, Jean-Pierre Barbier, Daniel Bougnoux, Élisabeth Chambon, Patrick Chamoiseau, Marie Chéné, Alain Chevrier, Antoine Choplin, Alain Faure, Christian Garcin, Serge Gros, Jean Guibal, Michael Jakob, François Jullien, Agnieszka Karolak, Marie-Hélène Lafon, Philippe Marin, Sarah Mekdjian, Céline Minard, Guillaume Monsaingeon, Philippe Mouillon, Hélène Piguet, Alain Roger, Gilles A.Tiberghien, Henry Torgue.

Literary texts by : Aragon, Balzac, Aimé Césaire, Du Bellay, Jean Giono, Héraclite, Jacques Lacarrière, Mario Rigoni Stern, Stendhal, Oscar Wilde.

Original images by  : Maryvonne Arnaud, Benbert, Andréa Bosio, Jérémy Chauvet, Thi Thuy Ngan Dinh, Yann de Fareins, Michel Frère, Françoise Girard, Chris Kenny, Lapin, Vanessa Loumon, Mengpei Liu, Gérard Michel, Mohamad Tohméh, François Mondot, Douglas Oliveira da Silva, Thomas Pablo Mouillon, Mathieu Pernot, Amélie Pic, Christian Rau, Jean Marc Rochette, Ingrid Saumur, Tazab, Denis Vinçon, Jeremy Wood.

Iconographies : Gustave Doré (1875-1878) Collection musée de Grenoble, Jean Bidauld (1808) Collection musée de Grenoble, Édouard Brun (1901) Collection musée de Grenoble, Ernest Victor Hareux (1892) Collection musée de Grenoble, Laurent Guétal (1889) Collection musée de Grenoble, Ernest Hébert (1883) Collection musée Hébert, Jean Achard (1837) Collection musée de Grenoble, Jean Achard (1844) Collection musée de Grenoble, Guo Xi (1072) Musée national du palais, Taipei

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