Contemporary Migrations in the Mediterranean
A multimedia device by Maryvonne Arnaud
> Original texts: Erri de Luca
> Translation: Danièle Valin
> Additional texts: Erri de Luca extracts from ALLER SIMPLE (Gallimard editions 2012)
> General design and shooting: Maryvonne Arnaud

> Editing images and sounds: Guillaume Robert
> Voices: Sophie Vaude, Jean-François Matignon, Dominique Laidet,
> Scientific Council: Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary, Alain Faure, Yves Citton
Preparatory study (May 2016): 22-minute video loop

> At CHRD / Lyon, on 28 and 29 May 2016, at the end of the exhibition “Dreaming of another world”.
> At the cinema Utopia / Avignon, every odd day at 11 am from 7 to 25 July 2016
> To MC2 / Grenoble, during the General Assembly of Migration organized by the Cimade