For this exhibition, Laboratoire has chosen not to invite artists, but the whole inhabitants of the Grenoble agglomeration to send the photographs of their most beautiful Sundays – not the most beautiful pictures, but those of the Sundays they want to remember.

This random collection is roughly displayed, that is to say without modifying the contrast, the luminosity, the chromatic balance, the centring, the eventual fault of the printing or digital file.

Only the monumental scale of the image creates a break. It allows one to gather extremely different originals in a non-hierarchical group and also to capture the secondary details of the image. These details are sometimes very rich and help to gather the imagination and the contemporary uses of the free time

A selection of this « random collection of photographs » was exhibited in the Museum of Grenoble, while another one was displayed at a urban scale in the city streets, on 70 billboards (4×3 meters-size), spread over the agglomeration.