As we witness the collapse of animal populations, it seems urgent to document and symbolize the contribution of animality in the humanization of humanity.

By observation and imitation, humanity has acceded to an animal intensity of sensations which completes ours. The paintings of the Lascaux or Chauvet caves testify to the distances of this dynamic complicity. Wild or domesticated, animals have broadened the consciousness and perceptions of humanity and it would be a terrible regression to accept the sharing of the world between the industrialization of “useful” animals and a generalized ecosystem desert.

To improve our quality of life, we need to recompose human societies in order to facilitate the stay, development and movement of animality, that is to say, to carefully put together entanglements of spatialities and temporalities that do not bow to human interests and projects. It is not a question of preserving enclaves, zoos or genetic banks, but of reinventing a welcoming society for this reservoir of escaping vivacities, a necessary condition of a vivacious and promising humanity.

Because animals participate in the stability of human societies by their work, their affection, the irreducibility of their behavior. They form the humus necessary for the humanization of humanity.

Our initiative, whose form is still confidential, will involve many authors, crossing the approaches of livestock practitioners, shepherds, trainers, artists and researchers to build publically sharable symbolizations with as many people as possible.