Maryvonne Arnaud and Philippe Mouillon are invited as part of the Great visitors, a program devised by the writer Patrick Chamoiseau that is part of a regional strategy for amplification of attractiveness of the Martinican territory.


“Architects, landscape architects, urban planners, artists, choreographers, musicians, set designers, directors, photographers, poets, novelists, philosophers, historians, psychologists, ecologists, people from the sea, islands and mountains … will follow each other in Martinique, in order to generate a constellation of ideas, visions, perspectives, utopias, open possibles, to design courses of studies and projects and to deconstruct the old representations, as well as the rigidities of perception of the city of Saint-Pierre and its site, and the territory of the Trois Ilets.

This initiative aims to return to the people concerned a technical or artistic vision of their outdoor living spaces, aiming to release their potential as producers of renewal. It also aims to deconstruct the logics of service to initiate dynamics ofprojects, to create the desire of another city, a city of the future, within the involved inhabitants, and to change the report and the way the people from Marticique look at the concerned territories.”

Patrick Chamoiseau